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Other Activities

Training, Educational Programs and Advisory/Consulting Services

We design and organize Training and Educational programs for 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, 5 days upto 15 days basis depending on customer/client needs. The sectors covered by us:

Industry Sectors
Steel and Power Sector Industries; Food and Beverages; Dairies; Textile and Dyeing , Distilleries; Pulp and Paper; Chemical process industries, Refineries and Petrochemicals; Metals and Mineral Processing, Pharmaceuticals etc.
Municipal and Urban Sectors
For Drinking Water Treatment; Sewage Treatment; Solid Waste Management; Waste Utilization etc.
Rural Sectors
Drinking Water Supply; Arsenic, Iron and Flouride Removal Plant; RO Plant; Community based Drinking water Supply; Solid waste management for recycle and reuse; Utilization of Biomass as renewable energy source.
Educational Institutes
Professional Skills and Knowledge build up for Engineering and Science Students leading to Manpower development for the emerging opportunities in water, energy and environment sectors in the National and International level.

Other Activities

Our other activities which we considered to be strategically important for the protection of water and environmental resources include:

Feasibility studies and augmentation work- for Water Treatment Plant; Cooling Water Treatment; Boiler water Treatment, Effluent Treatment Plant, Sewage treatment Plant to understand the plant conditions with respect to existing monitoring and control practices.
Advisory and Consulting Services for any type water, energy and environmental services for existing and new project, expansion plan etc
Water Audit for understanding water usage pattern, water balancing, future scope of improvement with respect to recycle and reuse leading to zero liquid discharge.
Seminar/ Workshop/Awareness organization, information dissemination activities on water, Wastewater energy and environment management for skill development; knowledge build up, technology selection at industry, Urban and Rural level
Performance Evaluation Studies for WTP, ETP, STP, Cooling and Boiler Water systems etc.
Environmental Audit

  • We are the leading source for any type of ENERGY , WATER & WASTEWATER solutions leading to sustainable environmental practices. Our main activities include training, consulting, auditing, partnership development and organization of seminar and workshop with the objectives of skills development, information dissemination related to design/selection of appropriate technology, awareness spreading and knowledge build up for the betterment of industry, society and mankind as a whole.We believe that water-wastewater treatment and climate control...
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